My favorite Squarespace template (& why you'll love it too!)

My favorite Squarespace template (& why you’ll love it too!)

It’s no secret that I love Squarespace for it’s all-in-one platform, ease of use and design flexibility! But once you’ve made the decision to use Squarespace for your website, how do you know which template to use?

Squarespace has many beautiful, modern & minimal templates to choose from. The good news is that all Squarespace templates feature drag-and-drop design, are mobile friendly, and have plenty of built-in features with lots of available customization. You can browse all of the templates here.

There are also lots of guides floating around online designed to help you choose the best template, including this one from Squarespace.

However, even with these resources, choosing your template can feel a little overwhelming. Thankfully, I’ve done all the research for you!  ;)

As I began designing with Squarespace, I quickly learned that there’s one Squarespace template that stands out from the rest: Brine.

Brine is actually a family of templates (you can get more info on that here), but I’ve found it easiest to just select the actual Brine template, which is the “parent” template.

Why is the Brine template my favorite?

Brine stands out among all the Squarespace template simply because it has the most features, versatility and functionality built right in.

Here are a few of the reasons that I love the Brine template over any other template:

>>Versatile layouts with index page functionality.

This is by far the biggest selling feature! Squarespace uses a drag & drop framework, making it easy to create flexible layout. But the Brine template takes this a step further by offering index page functionality.

This means that any page you create can be broken down into sections (or mini pages) allowing for even more flexibility & customization. You can add full-width background images to these index sections (with optional parallax scrolling) and put any kind of content on top.

>>Tons of customization.

As with most Squarespace templates, you can customize colors, fonts, image styling, layout, etc. all without touching any code. With Brine you can also customize spacing, padding, page borders, gallery layouts, primary & secondary navigation, and several mobile styling options.

I have been building my Squarespace templates exclusively on Brine and have been super happy with the functionality. I have yet to design something that I can’t make happen in Brine!

Here are two examples of how I’ve styled the Brine template that look completely different. (And of course, my website uses the Brine template too!)


I love the flexibility & functionality of the Brine template! If you’re loving the possibilities of the Brine template as much as I am, I would be happy to style it for you! You can find all the details about working with me here!